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First published by Dr David Singer, D.C., over 14 years ago, the Singer Health Reports were started with the express purpose of providing natural healthcare professionals with the TRUTH ABOUT HEALTH so that they had an educational resource at hand to provide their existing and potential patients, and the community-at-large, information that was truthful, documented and researched. The Singer Health Reports present the true benefits of Complementary Alternative Medicine such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture and other natural healing arts, as workable and proven alternatives to the only solutions provided by western medicine: pharmaceutical and surgical procedures.

Another goal was to educate the public (who are bombarded daily by pharmaceutically driven advertisements, all of which have created the general mindset that a drug, pill or prescription is the only answer to what ails our population) that there are other solutions to restoring one's good health available that do not involve the dangers of drugs and surgery.

What started out as a simple service delivered in paper form to a handful of subscribers, has gradually and fully evolved into a major international reporting source of reliable information, studies and articles concerning natural healthcare that bring to you, the natural healthcare professional, and the public alike, a comprehensive collection of information you can use in your practice and in your personal life to better educate yourself, your family and those around you on the TRUTH ABOUT HEALTH.

These Health Reports can be very easily used to get new patients! Some of the many ways are:

• E-mail them to existing patients to keep you in touch with them on natural health news.
• E-mail them to inactive patients as part of a reactivation campaign.
• Or print and mail them to anyone you don't have e-mail addresses for.
• Use them to network with MDs for patient referrals, or attorneys for PI case referrals.
• Print out an information packet to anyone attending an outside talk or screening.
• Print and display them in a Truth About Health binder for your waiting room.
• Hand them to existing patients as part of asking for referrals.
• Post them on your Facebook account or other social networking sites for your friends to read. Get the word out!
• Create a Health Report section on your clinic website and make your favorites available as a download.
• Become a natural health columnist in a local paper or periodical and use these reports as a basis for your articles.
• And so much more! 

Yours in Health, Naturally,

Dr David Singer D. C.


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